Thousands of great tones, all in one pickup.

Tone unlocked.

In a guitar pickup, tone is primarily characterized by two technical values - resonant frequency and Q-value (together, called frequency response.) Previously, these values were determined solely by how a pickup was physically constructed - the type of magnets used, coils, and so on. Further, these values could not be adjusted without changing the physical build of the pickup.

The Dialtone way

Dialtone's patent-pending design and technology is the first and only pickup that allows players to adjust resonant frequency and Q-value on the fly, unlocking a previously untapped and impressively wide range of sounds and allowing players to color and enhance the natural tones already contained (but previously constricted) within their guitars.

Tone control at your fingertips

With a resonant frequency range of 317-5,000 and Q-value range of 0.33-7.43, each Dialtone pickup technically provides access to infinite tones - practically, this translates to thousands of great combinations using the two dials built in to each pickup. Once the desired setting is found, the dials can be locked in place, or left unlocked for on-the-fly access to adjustments.

Great dirty or clean

Dialtone's pickups provide impressive harmonics and sustain, but are also easily capable of crunchy, beefy tones best suited for playing with distortion. Dialtone offers the only guitar pickup with built-in gain adjustment, providing up to 28x gain through a control knob on the body of the guitar.

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Dialtone pickups are so versatile, that they make me want to play my guitar more! I have so much control over my sound that I dabble in new styles and genres because I can find all the sounds that I associate with certain styles of music in my one guitar! They’re quiet and powerful at the same time. I can make them rage or sing sweetly with the turn of a knob! They’re the ultimate tone machines!
— Brandon K McCullough, Blues Musician